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Rev. Dr. William E. Carpenter, Teaching Minister, United Methodist Church - “My hope is that Ned and the World’s Religions will inspire everyone who reads it or listens to it, to follow Ned’s and Ron’s child-like exploration into the lives and values, the very souls of those around us in this ever-expanding and increasingly diverse world of ours … May this book feed your spirit and increase your appetite for the good of all.”


Dr. Gerald L. Zahorchak, Secretary of Education, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, PA,  "Ned and the World's Religions takes an extremely difficult subject through the filters, or eyes, of young children and makes understanding extraordinarily uncomplicated.  I am uplifted by the impressions that have come from combining the children's interpretations and the author's descriptions of his experience with each child.  This is a giant step toward understanding and peace."





About Ned

Ned was created for Ron Madison’s (a PhD. Steel engineer and executive in public utilities services) five children to amuse them with silly and fun bedtime rhymes and stories to help them feel good about themselves. The initial poem about a little boy with a very big head was put to bed after his children grew in years and stature, until it was awakened from years of sleep for his grandchildren. The initial story expanded to include other stories about Ned that addressed issues that both inspired and challenged the childhood readers and listeners (and their parents). The Ned Books now include a veritable library of topics including self-esteem, loyalty, compassion, friendship and love; diversity and safety; social issues like the importance of adults giving blood to help others (written for the American Red Cross), the horrible nature of drugs (written for the local superintendent of schools), the effect of military deployment on our troops’ children (written for the U. S. Army). Most recently, Ron wrote a book to address diversity issues in response to a request from the Secretary of Education for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania - Ned and the World’s Religions.