by Dr. William Carpenter

Ducks on the Pond is a compilation of reflections on people who have influenced Dr. Carpenter's life and he pays tribute to several of them on the pages of this book.  He asserts that everyone has a story and everyone deserves to have their story told.  This is a small sampling of the individuals Carpenter identifies as having played an influential role in his life and it is hoped the memories he includes in this book trigger an appreciation in all readers of the people who deserve recognition for being a part of our lives.


by Dr. William Carpenter and Dr. Ann O'Connor Slimp

  • Have you been abused in some way?

  • Has your spouse been unfaithful?

  • Has a member of the clergy or other trusted authority figure coerced or harmed you?

  • Would you like to know how to be free from pain, anger and loss?

The material in this book can help you make dramatic changes in your life.  You may experience reconciled family relationships, restored marriages, and freedom from deep emotional wounds.  Through Forgiveness: An Invitation to Freedom Dr. William Carpenter, a Methodist minister, and Dr. Ann O'Connor Slimp, a licensed psychologist and professor, seek to help you move through a personal journey toward the freedom and health that comes from forgiving and being forgiven.